About Us

How it started?

The roots of the company started growing in a humble way in 1999 by a young lad who had this will to bring about a revolution in apparel industry.

Being brought up in Delhi the Capital of India having access to latest trends,Rajeev Bajaj started working from the small age of 21 years. After tolling in entire city he could not rest but imagine the untapped power this city had and how it was going to become important for the international world of fashion. Rajeev started his work by setting up a office in Karol Bagh, a garment hub which is the Regd Office of Grandeur Collection.

Our Philosophy

We emphasize custom features and smart fabrics sourced globally. We employ innovative techniques and machines to keep up with the fast moving industry.
All products are limited edition, small-batch, and ethically made. Everything we create is built to withstand the rigors of the road and last long after you return. As a team, we do everything with care and a personal touch.
This is why we make versatile clothing and accessories to go anywhere — from deep cultural adventure to the remote outdoors. Our goal is to give every men the confidence to travel with a smaller footprint by only packing the essentials.